Sr. Uthariam Antonysamy, ISME

Sr. Uthariam Antonysamy, ISME
Sister Uthariam Antonysamy I.S.M.E., or Sr. Wu as she is known by the parishioners, is a Sister of the Institute of the Foreign Mission Sisters.
Sister Wu’s primary responsibility is as a pastoral agent to the Cantonese speaking community. Key areas of her work include visiting the sick and elderly, visiting the residents of Cheshire Home, participating in prison ministry and catechism.
胡家恩修女是外方傳教女修會修女 。她的首要任 務是協肋神父 牧養中文組教友 ,工作範圍包括探訪病患者及長者 、慈氏護養 院、監獄和教理講授工作 。
Parish Mission Statement
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