In 2009, St. Anne's Church celebrated its 50th Anniversary as a Parish.  This section contains materials highlighting the history and current activities of St. Anne's!

St. Anne's Anniversary Book Online!

St. Anne's Anniversary Book Online!

In 50 years of continuous service to the greater Stanley community, St. Anne's has grown into a true Mission Church.

In addition to serving three communities in Stanley — Chinese, Filipino and Expat — St. Anne's sends forth its parishioners to all parts of the world, taking their strengthened faith and close sense of community to their future parishes.

This book summarizes the history of St. Anne's and highlights the ways our parish reaches out to the community. We dedicate this book to the people that have allowed St. Anne's to grow into the parish of today and to all of you — our clergy, staff and parishioners — who are laying the foundation for our parish to develop and mature even more fully in God's ever present Graces.

Download your copy: 50th Anniversary Book!

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VIDEO: St. Anne's 50th Anniversary Retrospective

St. Anne’s is a Roman Catholic community striving to bear witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

As a parish, we do this by nurturing our members in the Body of Christ, increasing their faith by the Word of God and receiving the Sacraments.

As a mission church in an international city, St. Anne’s has unique opportunities and encourages her parishioners to reach out to serve the greater community through its ministries. The fellowship of love and compassion, inspired by the Holy Spirit, utilizes the many talents of its congregation.

As the world enters a new decade, St. Anne’s is charged, with revitalized energy and confidence, to continue and expand her commitments. It is her goal to foster an ever-growing awareness of God’s presence in the lives and welfare of all people. 

The following video, prepared in commemoration of St. Anne's 50th Anniversary, tells the story of the parish from its very beginning.  Led by Fr. Elmer Wurth, this presentation draws on the first-hand experience of its clergy and parishioners, in some cases dating back to the very founding of the parish in 1959. 

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Director: Charles Edwards
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