Parish Mission Statement

Parish Mission Statement
St. Anne’s is a Roman Catholic community striving to bear witness to the teachings of Jesus Christ. As a parish, we do this by nurturing our members in the Body of Christ, increasing their faith by the Word of God and receiving the Sacraments.
As a mission church in an international city, St. Anne’s has unique opportunities and encourages her parishioners to reach out to serve the greater community through its ministries. The fellowship of love and compassion, inspired by the Holy Spirit, utilizes the many talents of its congregation.
As the world enters a new decade, St. Anne’s is charged with revitalized energy and confidence, to continue and expand her Commitments. It is her goal to foster an ever-growing awareness of God’s presence in the lives and welfare of all people.
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St. Anne's Parish Welcome Booklet

St. Anne's Parish Welcome Booklet

Welcome to St. Anne’s Church and to our vibrant faith community!

We hope that this small booklet can help newcomers and parishioners alike to understand the many ministries and services offered through the St. Anne's parish. 

May it also serve as an invitation to you to offer your services, using the gifts with which God has blessed you.

Download your copy:  St. Anne's Welcome Book

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Welcome Audio Recording

Download below a recently produced audio recording by Fr. Elmer P. Wurh, Pastor of St. Anne's.

Fr. Wurth shares some of the history of St. Anne's and introduces visitors to our Parish Church.



Welcome Audio Recording

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Preparation for Baptisms

This article provides guidelines for St. Anne's Parishioners who are preparing for the Baptism of their child.

Please submit the application form and the following documents before the date of the baby’s baptism:

  1. Baby’s birth certificate (original and copy)
  2. Church marriage certificate/Civil marriage certificate (original and copy)
  3. ID card/passport(original and copy)
  4. Parent(s) baptism certificate (original and copy)
  5. God parent(s) baptism certificate (copy)

We will confirm the date and time of the baby’s baptism after we received ALL of the above documents.

If you have any questions, please don’t feel hesitate to contact us at 2813-0206.

Thanks and God Bless!

* Remarks:

  1. The applying family MUST be registered in our parish.
  2. Parents should be married in Church
  3. Godparents MUST be Catholics


These guidelines and the required form can be downloaded by clicking the links below:


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Preparation for Holy Matrimony

This article provides guidelines for Catholics intending to be married at St. Anne's Church.

 Parishioners are reminded to contact the church office at least SIX MONTHS prior to your desired wedding date in order to ensure completion of all the necessary preparation and documentation!

Prenuptial Inquiry:

Ask your home parish pastor to conduct the prenuptial inquiry and transmit the under-mentioned documents to us or the Chancery office of your Diocese for notarization (if you are overseas):

  1. Prepare the Prenuptial Inquiry with your own Parish Priest at three months before the wedding;
  2. Baptismal Certificate issued within the last six months; (from your baptism church)
  3. Affidavits or Testimonials regarding the freedom of the couple to get married; (from the church office)
  4. Certificate of Completion of a Premarital Formation Course; (FOCUS, phone no. 2523-3682, Caritas 28434671).
  5. Copies of Birth Certificate and HKID card/Passport;
  6. Copy of Poll Deed (in case of change of name);
  7. Copy of marriage “licence” for regular marriage or copy of civil wedding certificate for convalidation;
  8. In case one of the parties or both parties were married before other than to the spouse stipulated in (1.7) above, (a) copies of death certificate of deceased spouse or (b) copies of the civil divorce decree nisi absolute or the civil declaration of the nullity of marriage and the prescript of dissolution from the church authorities or the formal notification of declaration of nullity of marriage by the Catholic church tribunal;
  9. Letter of permission for the couple to marry in the Diocese of Hong Kong (if overseas).
  10. Submit all signed documents to St. Anne’s Church one month before the wedding.

Church Rental Charges:

  1. The church rental charges is HK$2,000.00, include air-conditioning and reception table.
  2. HK$1,000.00 deposit must be paid when submit the registration form, and the deposit is non-refundable.
  3. The balance of payment must be paid one month before the wedding.  Please make payment to “St. Anne’s Church”.

Other Matters:

  1. Ask the Chancery office of your home Diocese to review the whole dossier, to give the necessary dispensations and/or permissions and to transmit them direct to the Chancery office of the Diocese of Hong Kong a month before the celebration of the marriage (if you are overseas couple).
  2. If a priest working outside the Diocese of Hong Kong wishes to officiate the ceremony in our parish, it is incumbent upon him to present a celebret issued within one year before he is permitted to witness the marriage.
  3. Church can only provide CD for wedding songs, and will not provide choir or pianist.
  4. For the rehearsal date, the couple must come with the bridesmaid, best man, the witness for both parties, the flower girl and ring bearer (if have), the master of the ceremony and the one who will lead the bride for procession.
  5. If there is any changes in your choice for the celebrant, must advise the parish secretary two days before the wedding.
  6. Our church has no parking area, so please make your own arrangement. 
  7. It is prohibited to eat, drink or smoke inside the church.  Cell Phone prohibited during ceremony.
  8. Need to keep the church clean and tidy, cannot throw any small papers or flowers during the ceremony.
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MAP: St. Anne's Church, 1 Tung Tau Wan Road, Stanley

Location and Map of St. Anne's Church

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Service Boundaries for St. Anne's Parish

 Following are the service boundaries for St. Anne's Parish

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