Personal Information Collection and Privacy Policy Statements

  1. St. Anne’s Church, its pastor and assistant pastors, its secretary, its ministries and its parishioners (including those who run or do things for its ministries) may from time to time, directly or through the parish website at, collect and use personal information about parishioners,their families and others who have an interest in the activities of the parish.  In this document, such information is called Personal Information, those who collect or use Personal Information are called Collectors, those about whom Personal Information is collected are called Participants, the parish website is called the Website and the pastor for the time being of St. Anne’s Church is called the Pastor.
  2. Personal Information will be used in order to keep records of Participants, to register and facilitate the participation of Participants in parish activities, to facilitate communication among Participants, and otherwise to maintain and improve the services provided to Participants by St. Anne’s Church, its ministries and the other Collectors.
  3. Personal Information provided to any one Collector may be transferred to and used by any other Collector, but will  only be transferred to those who need to know and use it in order to achieve the  purposes for which it is collected as set out in paragraph 2 above.   The Pastor may establish and from time to time amend procedures for the conduct of such transfers.
  4. In order to provide personalised online services, the Website permits Participants, at their option, to register their identities and establish unique usernames and passwords using basic information such as their real name, email address, gender, date of birth and location.  Registered users of the Website can elect, at their option, to contribute additional Personal Information to their online profile.  Such information may, at the option of the Participant, be shared with other registered users by (i) initiating or accepting an online invitation to share such information or (ii) adjusting online privacy settings, which are set by default to restrict access to online profiles.
  5. Except as indicated in the foregoing paragraphs, Personal Information will not be disclosed in a form that would identify any Participant.
  6. Participants have the right to request access to their Personal Information and to have it corrected if it is wrong.  Personal information contributed to the Website may be directly modified or deleted by the Participant at any time.  Requests for access to and correction of other Personal Information should be addressed to the Pastor.
  7. The Collectors recognize their obligation to comply with the standards for the protection of personal information and privacy established by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
  8. Personal Information collected by the Collectors will be limited to that necessary in order to achieve the purposes set out in paragraph 2 above.
  9. Collectors will only retain Personal Information for so long as is necessary in order to achieve the purposes for which it is collected.

Acknowledgement by Participant

By using the Website, you agree that the Personal Information that you supply may be used for the purposes and otherwise as contemplated by the above statements.


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